On NFT´s

By Roland Rauschmeier

You can think what you like of Hermann Hesse, but there is no denying that magic dwells in every beginning. However, once the first feeling of happiness has faded and a purposefulness has entered into the daily routine, disappointment lurks around the next corner. Makeup melts away and toned muscles give in to gravity. Often a tempting offerturns out to be a doctored idea that is blown up with a lot of energy and becomes a cuckoo’s egg, that starts to diminish instead of growing upwards. The ego then quickly creeps into the frontal lobe and asserts: “You actually knew it all along. You deserve better. You’ll do it completely differently next time.” By this method, years of self-deception are refined and you find yourself in a repetitive cycle with a pre-programmed end. Personal profit: less than zero.

It doesn’t have to be this way. From time to time that magic is diverted, new paths are opened up, and completely unknown patterns and extraordinary events appear further down the road. The door is left open to chance but the influence of the individual remains small. It is the belief in this rare process that animates many people, again and again, to set out for seemingly unrewarding activities. Investing too much of their money, time and energy. At its core is a drive for profit, which is diametrically opposed to the miraculous multiplication of bread in the Bible – making more out of less so that everyone gets enough. Except that this really means everyone and not just the shareholders. But above all you, of course. That’s how the ideal of capitalism works, making us believe that in the end we have the best product for the lowest price. Personal profit: greater than zero.

The digital realm has opened a new chapter in this all-too-human idea of supply and demand, and called its offspring the blockchain – a really good concept that will realise its potential in the future, but still faces all kinds of teething problems. This is due to an insufficient belief in science and reason. In order to vaccinate oneself against delusional beliefs, a lot of courage and decision making is required. This is usually outsourced to experts, but you have it in your own hands, or rather in your digital wallet. The unambiguous, indivisible, irreplaceable and verifiable nature of a work of art in the form of an NFT rules out any deception. Rely on your own intuition and don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes.

Vienna, March 2022