18:19 min, Stereo, mini-DV, 2004

This documentary is of a public painting project that took place at the Berlinische Galerie in Berlin/Germany in 2004. The project was added to an existing exhibition and followed the idea of six invited artists painting a large canvas placed in the middle of the space. There were no content or aesthetic guidelines. There was only a group concensus to finish within a certain time and to allow a mutual reworking of the painting itself. After the scheduled time had elapsed, the painting was to remain in its current state.

Afterwards, one of the participating artists was asked by a spectator if she could also contribute to the work. He agreed without the consent of the others and the woman drew a continuous red line from left to right across all canvases. This act caused a controversy amongst the participating artists that included the autonomy of the artwork, the trust in each other, the idea of authorship, restoration efforts of the failed artwork, or damaging further exhibits.

The evening had several twists and turns and was driven by anger, frustration and the exchange of individual ethics to find common artistic gestures in an artificial construct.

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