19:53 min, Stereo, mini-DV, 2007

Rekorder (guide through the heart again) is a cinematic collage which unifies the Present and the History to construct an artistic approximation of the concept of ‘Africa’. The narrative of the video was developed during its filming and was subject to improvisation. The producers and actors were identical and the working process was uncovered and themed. In addition to green screen footage, material was used from a media archive created from Ulu Braun across all media platforms.

The first part of Rekorder focuses on the technical and creative conditions of media production. The difficulties with hardware and software are revealed in a documentary form and symbolise the sometimes-bumpy process from the initial idea to the end result. In principle, it is about the assertion that one can create artistic works about anything, regardless of whether it is perceived as valid. In the middle section of the collage, mysticism, reality, analysis and fiction increasingly merge into a dense sequence of mutually dependent images. In the last section, poetic images intertwine with art-historical quotations supported by Bach’s Cantata 106 Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit.

In this work, sovereignty of feelings plays a larger role than a binding intelectual approach.

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